My Life Has Turned Full Circle

It seems I am formally back in the building trade. I haven’t made a post lately as I have not really known what direction to take, to go forward. I have had many discussions with close friends and acquaintances and most conversations have lead to the same conclusion, that I should be back in the construction industry in one form or another.

So It seems my life has taken a complete circle. I started in the construction industry on the tools in my early 20’s, I approached a construction site, Wallisdown collage, managed by John Lang Construction at the time and pulled up in my pickup truck with a labourer and got work straight away. I was in the industry now and became very successful within a period of 10 years.

In the early 90s when the recession hit I found myself doing contracts and not getting paid for them, which brought me virtually on my knees financially and I decided not again and since then I’ve been in various businesses, some very successful and some not so which has given me a wealth of worldly experiences in all aspects of business.

Last year I did find myself, in a bit of a quandrum, where my trading stock had dried up, website design and build was becoming harder and harder and a few other businesses I had at the time where grinding to a halt, which left me in a position to decide what to do next. So as the circle that I mentioned earlier has gone around, I now have a new van, and a few labourers, tradesmen lined up plus a few jobs which I’m working on thanks to my very good friend who was able to give me a start on a couple of sites straight away.

It isn’t exactly where I wanted to be at 55, back on the tools, working on site but hopefully it can grow as quickly and as strongly as it did back in the 80s obviously tweaking the market we are now in and I can make myself a strong success within a few years.

I’m certainly not going to have the energy in 5 years time to start something again from scratch, so let’s hope I can build a strong building company again and get the right team behind me and make “Self Builders” a great success.

Nerveless to say that one of the businesses I have carried forward, meaning OvenKing, seems to be going from strength to strength at the moment which is pretty good news for me as well.

Ill continue to write posts about the experience back in the building industry and hope they are all pretty positive and lets hope I am still in the game in 12 months time, flourishing!!