Hi my name is Daryl Self, and welcome to my world. If you don’t already know me, here’s your chance, if you do then smile, and if you think you do, read on, not all the rumours are true!

This is my chance to tell everyone about me and the truth about my life, how I have been able to succeed, despite at times feeling like the whole world is against me. Is this because of the colour of my skin, the arrogance that is portrayed, my nice things, (including the women and children in my life) or is it that people thought I was the dunce and have been able to prove them wrong, and become the “super being” that you see before you today!

Any teacher, business men, public speaker, sales men that tells you that everybody is the same and you can all achieve success, is talking bullshit!

You have to be a special person in this life to be a winner, and there are not many of us around. How have I done this? Read on…. I think that you may find this interesting…