Lexis 5th Birthday Party

This weekend saw the first big house party for my little girl Lexi, she celebrated her 5th birthday party in style, with 25 friends from school that came with their parents.
They all enjoyed themselves, we provided the food which parents and children alike enjoyed.
With everyone making the most of all the fun things that are already in the garden, the trampoline, the zip wire and the pool along with the added extras of a Magic Man, Face Painting and a Bouncy Castle.
I can’t believe that this is the first big party that we have had for Lexi at the house when it was a regular occurrence for Louis, already looking forward to the next one!


My Life Has Turned Full Circle

It seems I am formally back in the building trade. I haven’t made a post lately as I have not really known what direction to take, to go forward. I have had many discussions with close friends and acquaintances and most conversations have lead to the same conclusion, that I should be back in the construction industry in one form or another.

So It seems my life has taken a complete circle. I started in the construction industry on the tools in my early 20’s, I approached a construction site, Wallisdown collage, managed by John Lang Construction at the time and pulled up in my pickup truck with a labourer and got work straight away. I was in the industry now and became very successful within a period of 10 years.

In the early 90s when the recession hit I found myself doing contracts and not getting paid for them, which brought me virtually on my knees financially and I decided not again and since then I’ve been in various businesses, some very successful and some not so which has given me a wealth of worldly experiences in all aspects of business.

Last year I did find myself, in a bit of a quandrum, where my trading stock had dried up, website design and build was becoming harder and harder and a few other businesses I had at the time where grinding to a halt, which left me in a position to decide what to do next. So as the circle that I mentioned earlier has gone around, I now have a new van, and a few labourers, tradesmen lined up plus a few jobs which I’m working on thanks to my very good friend who was able to give me a start on a couple of sites straight away.

It isn’t exactly where I wanted to be at 55, back on the tools, working on site but hopefully it can grow as quickly and as strongly as it did back in the 80s obviously tweaking the market we are now in and I can make myself a strong success within a few years.

I’m certainly not going to have the energy in 5 years time to start something again from scratch, so let’s hope I can build a strong building company again and get the right team behind me and make “Self Builders” a great success.

Nerveless to say that one of the businesses I have carried forward, meaning OvenKing, seems to be going from strength to strength at the moment which is pretty good news for me as well.

Ill continue to write posts about the experience back in the building industry and hope they are all pretty positive and lets hope I am still in the game in 12 months time, flourishing!!

Business Opportunities

A New Business Begins!


Back to business after my holiday, I had a few slight issues with OvenKing, but they’re all now resolved, while I was away for a week OvenKing ended up breaking its record, for taking over a 7 day period, but we now really understand that the cross selling between carpets and ovens, seems very beneficial, and doubling our income, as of course everybody who has carpets has an oven,

We are now in the domestic cleaning industry, as I might say, is not an appealing, desirable nor glamorous sector, neither where I envisioned myself being, at this stage in my life, but however its keeping the wood from the trees, so I will keep flogging away at both business until such time I am able to sell out, or Franchise to the correct level, and hopefully end up with a business a bit more desirable, but money is money and when things are going well it makes any business enjoyable, but unfortunately at this stage as with any business I am on the ground level with it, and I am finding myself out there cleaning carpets, which I don’t really mind that much vise versa too.  So the cross selling is working very well, hence the start of CarpetLocal, which is launching on the 23rd August, which should, in a very short space of time double our income.


I have however managed to cheat a bit by not actually cleaning an oven to date, I do hope I can keep that record up!  If I don’t, I might end up putting my head in an oven and turning the gas on!

I still feel as hungry as I was 25 years ago and I still think I will end up achieving my end target of where I want to be!

So keep your eyes peeled! You might see me carpet cleaning in Bournemouth soon!


Brilliant Family Holiday In Majorca

photo (4)Following on from my last article, and being in a quandrum, unfortunately returning from holiday I am still in the same position, plenty of time though to sit back and think of what I want to be doing, but no real inspiration arose during my holiday.  I was hoping being along the beach or by swimming pool with the sun beating down may have activated some thought from the puturity gland in the back of my head, and a great opportunity to kick in, but it did not.

The holiday in Majorca with my kids was fantastic, we went to where we normally stay in Puerto Portals, and enjoyed it immensely, and what also made it a great holiday is quite a lot of my friends from Bournemouth turned up as well, not to mention James Bronson, Black Nigle, Bill Butler, Andy Price, Aide Price, plus many more!

photo (3)

photo 1 (2)

It was quite an adventurous holiday with a few trips out to Western Waterpark in Magaluf, which was quite entertaining, I did joke to my wife, that I think i’ve found hell, but bless, the kids they enjoyed it.

We had a  good afternoon at Nikki beach and caught up with the lads, and had a stroll through Magaluf, which is actually not that bad, and another exploration day was the

photo 2 (2)

Caves of Drach which ended up being a really funny experience, as we sat in the ordittorium , with 500 people waiting for the show to start, which was comprised by 3 boats on the water slowly coming towards you playing funeral music, everybody was really engrossed, you could hear a pin drop!

Lexi, bless her, started making funny noises and shouted out a word I wouldn’t mention on my blog!   It made many people laugh while others were horrified ,Jo Louis and myself were in stitches,  while people were telling us to be quiet!  The show was terrible, but we still enjoyed the day out as it was fun misbehaving!

Luckily we chose a rainy day to take that trip, we are now back and I’m putting things together with the team to keep us ticking over until the magic deal turns up!


I feel that I am in a quandrum

Daryl Self
Haven’t put a post on for while as my business life seems to be in a bit of a corundum . I’m coming to the end stages of my business life and I’m trying to build something that will continue to manage and run when I am semi retired , and one day complete retirement at a later stage.

All the businesses that I’ve had over the last 25 years since construction have all been short lived, almost fads as such, where they have made me plenty of money but have peaked out for various reasons, I.e that it might be a fad or that it’s because people have jumped into the business , meaning cut prices, lower profit thus killing the industry, unfortunately instead of building something that has had solid growth and can sustain a strong business for many years it seems that I am starting businesses, taking money from them, and watching their demise, not of course into bankruptcy, but into non profitable concerns.

OvenKing was set up as a pension for me on a 5 year plan which all looked good on paper and still looks good, everything has been set up right , the company style , the area, the marketing, it was set up well, and is ready to go, but you know what, it really, doesn’t suit my personality, I found myself at castle point last week, with balloons, free gifts, giving away flyers, and I thought to myself what the hell am I doing.

So I have decided it’s not for me, I am going to put it on the market and sell it, OvenKing has a great growth potential for a franchise business, so I am left in this big corundum, what do I. I’m 55 years old I have around 5 years of graft left in me..

All my colleagues, friends and family all say who I run my situation past, tell me why do I not get back into the construction industry, where in my early days, took me to unbelievable heights, so I am seriously considering going back into this, but the only way I know how to get back into construction, is start at the bottom with a van, and begin working with the lads and start on one site, then build upto two or three, then more and more. The big money for me is to work in London, as it is booming at this present time, but I’m not sure I really have the energy, to start work in London, traveling and being away from my family. Do I really want it that badly.

I could get busy locally but I don’t really want to get into the cut throat competitiveness of local work, I always seem to keep my old staff on wherever I go , so I can never really start anything without overheads, but I like to be loyal to my old staff, and not let them down when a business dries up.

So where I am at, at the moment I don’t know, London I don’t know, I’m not 100% sold on the construction! I still have a business running currently, I’m cleaning out the warehouse and getting rid of all my trading stock, as that business is completely crap now, as we have no continuity going on, I did however have a few good deals over the years but not enough to make it worth staying in.

So what does a man like me do at 55 that can do almost anything and run it well, haven’t got fortunes to put into something to get it started. I feel like I’m almost starting again .

Thought I’d just air my thoughts, hopefully my next post will be a bit brighter and I’ll be confirming my last direction that I am going in my life, and I will finally end up where I was destined to be, which is at the top.

Girlfriends & Children

My Boys Birthday

Louis’s birthday went without a hitch  a new and interesting venue for an 11 year old birthday, we held it at my friend Issy’s bar The Lost Gardens, thanks Issy for the use of that.

We had obviously non alcoholic cocktails plus a brilliant spread of food, the staff were great and Rossy-B came to DJ for us. I had to put on the entertainment my self as I couldn’t find an entertainer suitable for 11 year olds, but I’m sure I made the kids laugh and smile… I organised a few dance offs and a few cash prizes which they are always happy with.

Louis Candles

I decided to incorporate a balloon ride to break up the afternoon and took 21 kids over to Bournemouth gardens which was a little concerning as we had 21 kids and we had to make sure we had 21 at the to bring back.  The balloon ride went well though and all the kids were having a great time!


All in all it was a great day for my boy, and that’s what it’s all about! As I try to do all the time, make each of my children’s day a happy day so they enjoy their life, and one day even when I’m not around, hopefully they will do the same for their children! I never had that privilege as a child to have parents, so it is important to me to be the best parent I can be.. Sent from my iPad

Girlfriends & Children

Lexi’s unusual birthday present request

This morning I woke up to find my daughter all excited about her newest birthday present  from me. I decided I would follow her unusual request for a birthday present which was a zip wire! She was very excited to start using it, but needed me to actually put it up! Brilliant!

I decided to be the awesome father so went into the garden and started to erect it while she watched eagerly, thankfully it was a sunny day! But being young she kept asking me if it was ready yet bless, thankfully 2 hours later she was able to ride it!


I moved the runners seat placed her carefully on, and sent her flying down, with screams of joy she laughed and smiled, best present ever!


I get so much satisfaction when I make my children smile, long may it continue… The next task is for me to be able to fulfil my sons normal unusual request, but I look forward to it none the less!

I posted a video of the fun times! Check the vid below and you’ll see it!


My Birthday and also a funny video from OvenKing

daryl_ferrariI have reached the ripe old age of 55! And I celebrated this past weekend with some of my closest friends and of course my wife and children. When I was in my 20’s I thought that by age 40 I would retire. But as time goes on I have realised the true cost of retirement and I am not financially stable enough at this time and I look at people like Lord Sugar, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump and Richard Branson and realise that despite the fact they could retire now from a financial perspective just like them though I don’t think I could ever stop working, I could take a back seat and allow my managers run the day to day stuff but I could never quit and relax on a beach or golf course full time. That isn’t me.

I must admit my best birthday present was the loan of my best friends 458 Ferrari Italia inside_ferrari_2Spyder which still only had 155 miles on the clock when I took delivery, so it was still almost brand new just out of the box.  This was great, so I was able to have a blip around Bournemouth with my son and daughter.  I know I am too old to be a boy racer, but you have to grow old, you don’t have to grow up!

We drove over Canford Cliffs, Sandbanks and Poole quay with the roof down enjoying the rare nice weather. And it is funny I still get inspired by nice things, as I drove through Poole quay I looked right to see Eddie Jordan’s new Sunseeker being completed and tested on the water.

louis_ferariWhat ever level you or your friend’s are at there will always be people with so much more but an entrepreneur always needs something to aim for and the Ferrari I was driving was a good achievement to aim for, even the luxury boat was inspiration (that I may never reach). But as they say if you reach for the stars and end up on the moon you have done pretty well.

Back in business land and franchising for Ovenking is all getting set with the marketing, we have had a great run on the business with our current vans creating work and re-bookings so we are pushing the franchises out now and I say to all the other oven cleaning franchise companies watch this space.

They may feel they are established and secure in the industry because of length of time they inside ferrarihave been trading but they have never competed against me yet, We are right up there with the big boys in the industry with our cleaning quality and service, we have a few interesting twists on the usual franchise model offered by competitors to ensure our franchisees can make the £1000+ a week or more that all the other franchise companies are proclaiming.

Keep an eye on our progress and I am very pleased to announce we have in fact already sold our first franchise in the Southampton area, and Gary Knight is proving to be the ideal franchisee, after he signed contracts and before he came down for training he was already leaflet dropping his area. Gary had jobs booked as a result of his efforts before he completed the training and before we had done his promotional launch. So well done Gary welcome aboard and keep up the good work, Gary will be fully qualified and certified as of tomorrow and we know he has the makings to be a successful franchisee.

photo (2)Just another quick note on our franchising exploits, as people understand that it is one of my main strengths and an industry I know a lot about I am being approached by a couple of different businesses to consult on their existing and future franchising. This is another good opportunity and I am open to consulting opportunities. As I have rambled on enough I will update you all on Self Global and Self Trading another time.

To finish off on a light note, we created a very funny marketing video for OvenKing which has been a surprise over-night success. I leant a very good friend the OvenKing Mercedes sprinter van and he assured me as he left with it that he was a good driver, I did have my doubts and he proved my concern was well founded watch this video and you can draw your own opinion.



Great Start to 2014 at The Self Group

daryl_selfIt has been a great start to the new year in the self group. Things seem to be going to plan and I need to staff up!

Great excitement with the OvenKing franchise, as OvenKing is going very well. The clearance business is better than expected with the amount of stock I am able to buy and moving nicely forward. Our fitness training app is also coming along which we will launch 2015.

So if you know anyone out there who fits the description of a marketing assistant to help me drive the marketing for OvenKing forward, and our other projects please get in touch. The link is below!

We are also looking for partners to assist with the app development.

Click Here for Job Vacancies


January 2014

Daryl SelfI had a great time over this past Holiday Season with the wife and kids, it was great to see my wonderful young daughter, Lexi, busy putting her ‘Santa’s Christmas list’ together for the first time as she is now at that age where she understands the festive season. Hopefully, I won’t be tripping over the dollhouses and other prezzies that Santa brought her for too much longer!

My main-man, Louis was cool with it, and all-in-all, easy to buy now for as he is at the age where he is happy playing his X-Box and other games, and got his boxing gloves he wanted too, getting ready to get back into boxing this year.

As is usual, my lovely wife, Jo, was busy making sure we were all having a good time over the Holidays and were cared for, bless her. Next Christmas I will make sure that I take here away for a hopefully, bit more relaxing holiday so she can gear up for it! …

I’m now back at the office, after coming back in on the 6th of January, ready to take on the World in the New Year. 2014 is going to be the year for me!

After fulfilling the back-orders for catering and airline stock from the Holiday period, the office is already overwhelmed with emails and phone calls from people and companies wanting to sell their distressed stock. My people and I are already working flat-out in the first week back!

self globalAt this time, I’m working on closing a deal for 300,000 eyeglass frames and it looks like the international trade deal involving five countries I have been working on for a couple of months now, for 125 containers of tinned food, is going according to plan and should land on foreign shores on the African Peninsula within 2 months. This will be the first of many international trades that I hope to become involved in from now on, strengthening the name of Self Global as it truly will be a global enterprise. Every day the stock is coming in and we are in daily buying mode. Buy, buy, buy and sell, sell, sell.

Due to our buying success we are now gaining the confidence of the high street retailers, and we are busy putting deals to them and in turn getting the confidence to buy more stock in higher value and in larger quantities targeted for these type of clients.

It was nice to be acknowledged as having ‘bought right’ when others doubted the purchase, when a Production Company filming at Pinewood Studios called us to buy some of our Air Australia products. We will see them in a movie soon! Thank you Pinewood Studios. I will be delivering the goods myself, just in case they need a Denzel Washington lookalike!

And, even after all of this, in only the first week of the New Year, I have been contacted by TWO separate UK television production companies wanting to film a documentary about how I buy and sell products, providing an insight into the world of trading. And after all, who knows more than me when it comes to wheeling and dealing, bobbing and weaving, making money!

oven cleaningMy oven cleaning company, Oven King, has got off to a great start already with oven cleans that were booked-in prior to Christmas.

I am now getting behind this venture also and looking to build up the daily business orders even more. I may begin looking into the marketplace further, before fully committing to franchising later this year, where I may consider hiring on a marketing person for this role, selling franchises nationally.

I’m still waiting with anticipation to start my fast-food outlet which will be a mixture of quality, fish, chicken and gourmet type burgers. The high-end restaurant will have a liquor license and takeaway facilities in a great location within a high-traffic town centre area.