First Job

My First Job

When I left school I was nervous about entering the workplace, I was told for years by school teachers and others around me that I would never amount to anything.
In those days Dyslexia was not recognised, people thought that as I couldn’t put pen to paper I was an idiot, and I had started to believe it.
So on leaving school I went to the job centre, it was what you did then if you didn’t want to go to college. I didn’t go to college; I didn’t want to waste any more of my life being told that I was a dunce.
The guy at the job centre asked me various questions, of which most of them I had to shake my head to, I had no qualifications to my name. It was decided that a more manual labour orientated job would be the direction for me. The only available position that was suitable was in the local timber yard. The guy explained to me not to get my hopes up as they had already sent 19 applicants for this position and not one of them had been successful.
I thought that I would try at least, so the interview was arranged and off I went.
On arriving at the Timber Yard I was greeted by the boss, Mike Hedger, I was so nervous, he asked me questions about my experience, my qualifications etc. All I was able to tell him, was that I was good with my hands, a quick learner and more importantly eager to work. I had already sorted out my own flat without knowing where the rent money was coming from, I really needed this job!
Mike asked me what I was worth, what was I worth? I didn’t know what I was worth, so I told Mike this. Mike liked what he was hearing, I told him to start me on the job and then at the end of the week if I was no good, don’t pay me.
I started on that basis, it took me a couple of days to find my feet but by the end of the week, I was the best person that Mike had employed!
I have never looked back from that day. I worked hard and by the age of 16 I was managing most of the sections within the Timber yard.
After a few years with Mike, I began to think about doing my own thing, we talked about it, and he agreed that I was growing and needed to move on, he told me that the world was my oyster and go and make something of myself.
I took Mikes advice, and to this date he is still one of the best people I know, he is honest, loyal, respected by family, friends and the business world he operates in.
I learnt a lot from Mike, he is such a hard worker, always getting stuck in, never afraid to do anything and would never ask someone to do something that he would never do himself.
Mike has become a very successful man and we remain very firm friends.
I owe a lot to Mike for his time, advice and friendship.
He is my mentor.