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One of the troubles being a business man is that you are always trying to save the pennies.

I am near to completion on my swimming pool, in the garden of my house.
However, there was a rather large tree that blocked out a lot of the sunshine.
I therefore decided that this tree had to go, so the tree surgeon arrives, tuts a bit, shakes his head, breathes in and tells’ me that it is going to cost me £1000 to get the tree down. £1000, forget it I’ll do it myself… first job when I left school was taking trees down, how hard can it be?!

So I committed myself to taking this tree down, the gauntlet had been laid down, the challenge had been set and I accepted, pay somebody a grand when I can do it myself cheaper, never!

The first weekend was spent surveying the tree. I then went out and bought a chainsaw, at £340.
My ladder, even though extended to its full potential would not reach the top (bear in mind this is a 200ft high tree), so I bought £250 worth of climbing gear, (keeping up with the cost here?)
The second weekend, I got myself all strapped up, harness, quick release etc, and I still needed another rope at £150, and up I went.
The tree has now left my garden at the total cost of £740 worth of equipment, two weekends of not only my time but two of my guys, and the cost of putting my own life at risk!
For those watching, and you know who you are, this may have been an amusing event, me hanging like a monkey from the tree, and to be honest, not feeling that confident, bits of tree going everywhere, including a very near miss of my neighbors pride greenhouse!
All in all I think that it may have cost me slightly more than the £1000 that the tree surgeon quoted me!
Saying all this though, I would do it again. Something like this sets me aside from other people, people like me who accept challenges set before them. It puts you a step ahead of everybody else, and makes you stand out from the crowd.

Business Opportunities

The end of the month arrived and things look good

The end of the month arrived and things look good.

Our trading has gone great guns especially for the start of the year!
We nearly lost our salesman after he received his pay cheque; fortunately we were able to solve this situation amicably. This is something that I have never done before, I am glad that we were able to sort this out, and he didn’t leave, everyone’s happy for now!

Next few months we will be buying buying buying….offers should be coming in with the end of the January Sales. I have decided that it may be beneficial to get into the retail trade that is where the big bucks are!

I had pretty much decided that the vending side of the business was on its arse, until a telephone call this week. This call alerted me to the fact that a sole importer for a particular vending product is going out of business, this may be my opportunity to make some money, after all the vending business has made me a few millions in the past.

Business Opportunities

Mis Banking

When anybody says that it’s ok for him he’s got loads of money, they don’t know how wrong they are.
Any successful business man suffers with stress of some kind on a daily basis.
There is always something to go wrong. It could be the business not performing, members of staff, tax man, vat man, trading standards, vehicles broken down with no recovery cover, legal suits claiming that you are passing off intellectual rights etc, there is always something.
The latest worry in the world of Self was a telephone call at half past six last night, where I was informed that £57,554 cheque that I paid in to an account by bankers draft, for an item we sold, has gone missing, not received in to that account!
We received this bankers draft, and double checked the bank account details, and took it to the bank personally to pay in, we have a bank receipt to confirm that it’s paid in, and then the call to say that it’s most probably lost in the system, unless we can find it, it will not count as cleared affects into the account, and payment still due!
Of course there is nothing that you can do at half six seven a clock in the evening except call up your assistant and general manager/in house accountant and yell the hell out of them, so that they can also share the stress and ask them why they haven’t done anything to protect this bankers draft, i.e. photo copy it ,where was the original payment receipt, nobody was admitting that they had seen it, I felt that somebody else should share some of this stress, and made both their lives hell last night, it didn’t make me feel better, but they are two of the longest serving members of staff, and I thought that they should share some of the stress!
I had a sleepless night and so did they, how are we going to recover this money that has been lost! Katie and Steve were already on the case before I got to work this morning, and with one phone call Katie had located the draft in the clients’ suspense account, it was a great relief to hear this, but one hell of a lot of stress for all, on one evening. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, to think that you have lost such an amount through miss banking, keeps you up at night!
In future we will be copying everything, bankers draft, receipts, payments slips to make the search a lot easier if it was to ever come to that, what a night!

The bright side of this morning is today, we take delivery on the New Mercedes AMG S class in black, which I am looking forward to, and I will just chill for the rest of the day, I thought I was going to be running around banks today, but I have some time free now, so life can go on!

Business Opportunities

Tax Man Meeting – Part 2 – Did I Have My Tummy Tickled?

After the pressure of the tax man meeting yesterday, where it didn’t go entirely against me, I didn’t roll over and have my tummy tickled and let them rob me! I was able to have the rest of the day to concentrate on my friends that have asked for a loan for a large project that they are involved in. Being sceptical about the whole thing, I have agreed to lend them quite a substantial amount, but not what they originally asked for. I was able to secure satisfactory security for the amount loaned, and all parties are happy. I wish them well for the project.

I have got lots of planning for my marriage in Antigua this April, it’s a commitment that I have never made before, and to be honest I do feel a bit nervy about the whole thing, but I am sure everything will be ok, it’s a commitment that I want to make.
In preparation for the wedding is my stag night, which I am having in Puerto Banus with an ever increasing crowd of mates! Everybody wants to come, 25 possibly 30, I never knew I was so popular! Unfortunately there are some of my closest mates that haven’t been allowed to come, various reasons apparently but namely wives and girlfriends won’t let them, for some reason they have the notion that we are going to be getting up to all sorts out there, why would they think that?! Whatever, I know that it’s going to be great!

The new salesman on board is starting to knock the numbers out, so I am pleased about that. I am sure that we are looking at some good results this year for the trading side of the business. There is massive scope and potential and my goal for this year is to make £1 Million in pure profit this year!

I have expanded the fleet of vehicles for the Chauffeur business, I am still not sure if this is going to be profitable, but hey its all fun, the use of a 200” stretch Hummer and the other luxury cars within our fleet! Hopefully buying the ultimate in vehicles the Royles Royce Phantom, if things go well……what the hell it’s a lovely car and you just have to have one!!

Business Opportunities

As quick as they can make you they can break you

The incident with Jade Goody has shown to everybody how easily the media that have made you the celebrity can take it away just as easily and far more quickly!
“As quick as they can make you they can break you”

It’s my personal opinion that Jade Goody has been made a scape goat.
Anybody that is scrutinized for 24hrs every day of the week with hidden cameras and microphones will make comments that offend.
And in this case these have been deemed as Racial Comments, what is the definition of a racist comment? When you see an Indian you may say poppodom, or do you live in a shack, to me that’s no more offensive that saying to fat people to get off their fat arse to get something and go to the gym or saying to a northerner to learn how to speak properly.

The government have jumped on the band wagon in this instance saying how anti-racist they are and how they won’t tolerate it.
In my opinion the government employs a large percentage of people that I would deem racist. Get them in a big brother style environment, hidden cameras and microphones with people from all round the world, Blacks, Asian, Eastern Europeans and see how many racist comments are made. I think that the whole thing is completely out of order.

I have been a victim of what I believe to be racism my whole life.
To me the definition of Racism is being victimised by the authorities, the government, the police and the tax man, to name but a few.
Why am I under investigation from the tax man, because I am black and I live in a nice house, I have nice things? As soon as I bought my Bentley I was under investigation with the Bournemouth Tax Authorities, “why has that black man got a Bentley and I haven’t”
When I applied for planning permission to build an annex onto my house for an indoor swimming pool, twenty one people opposed the application and one opposition being from a household over 8 miles away, that is just unbelievable and to me proof that I am being victimised because of the colour of my skin, people don’t want me to succeed with my life, they can’t have that, they need to feel superior to the black man!

Being a black man, I know that there is a certain amount of mickey taken throughout the community, for an example I saw a guy the other day and said “hey microphone head” the guy had an afro, there was no racist comment, just an observation!

Business Opportunities

Tax Man Meeting

It was a big day today, what with the visit from the tax man, a man from India showing his wares, lending friends large amounts of money and buying another stretch hummer limousine!

The meeting with the tax man went well; both parties were able to put their points across. I did accuse them of not treating me fairly due to the element of racial discrimination. However, we were able to come to an amicable conclusion to the matter; I hope that this is now the end of the investigation!
The meeting gave us the chance to welcome our new accountant into the Self World….how long he lasts is another story!

Business Opportunities

Sales Team

I am very keen to get a sales team on board, which I feel (apart from C Barber 3-4 yrs ago,) I have never had.
Although with Chris, one salesman, we were able to make over £1 million in a short period of time. I have decided to start two, possibly three sales guys at the same time and work like Alan Sugar, on the process of elimination. If they can hack the pressure, sell the goods and earn the money then they can stay on board…..but not everybody is the great salesman that they think they are.

Week 1 (15-01-07 / 19-01-07)
I have started three guys with me this week , and one guy in particular who shone out with his CV, I even gave him ten out of ten, unfortunately he has not been able to come up with the goods and as with the process of elimination has left the company before he even started really.

Week 2 (22/01/07 – 27/01/07)
I am down to one already!
The second of the three guys who started last week, didn’t even last 24hrs! He arrived looking like a rabbit in the headlights, and crashed and burned within hours. He obviously didn’t believe me in the interview when I said there would be pressure, instant results needed to be seen to stay on!

The remaining salesman of the three started last week, appears to be pulling the goods out the bag, maybe I have found my apprentice….we’ll see it’s only early days.

I have interviewed a potential sales guy this morning, seemed ok. I have left the ball in his court, up to him if he wants to come on board.
I will reserve judgement on this one for the moment…..

Business Opportunities

Tax Investigation

Totally instigated from racism they have scrutinized me for the last year, finding out how they can take more money from me, I was told this was a random investigation, this happened before 7 years, ago, tax man told me then that this should only happen once in a lifetime, and what a surprise being investigated again, all instigated as they see a black man driving a Bentley, they are trying to take the privilege away from me, or make things so difficult that I sell it and get rid of it, its eats them up inside to see a black man driving nice cars, owning nice things, living in nice houses. I have paid fortunes in the last few years on tax, and to slow me down in my business and personal life I get investigated, so I can’t have such nice things, to make these racist people feel superior.

Two guys are coming down tomorrow, to steal some more money, because of the colour of my skin, and whats amazing about this, if I don’t allow them to take more money they have threatened me with further investigations, I have never been late with payments, have always paid national insurance and tax, in the past four years I have paid over £300,000 in income tax and national insurance, and they still want more, is this right? And they will always try to slow me down with investigation after investigation; however, they will not stop me as I am a winner.

I will keep you posted as to the outcome of the meeting and hopefully the end of the investigation!

Business Opportunities

ITV Screen Test

What I will say to people reading my Blog is WATCH THIS SPACE,
Its time that I became famous!

I feel that there are a lot of famous people out there that don’t deserve their celebrity status, I do!

I have previously been approached by film and documentary companies but have always turned them down. The one occasion in the past that I agreed can been seen here, screen test for an ITV programme which was to be called Flash or Big Spender, this didn’t suit my image so I declined to go on air, the programme never ran.

I do appreciate the value of being famous and from now on will not turn the opportunities down!