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The pressure is always on…

The pressure is always on being a business man, particularly if you want to fly straight.

There is so much unnecessary correspondence and administration that has to be done, from following the ever changing government regulations, keeping insurances up together, health and safety, legal correspondence the list just goes on and on….

The latest incident at the Self Group is a legal matter, yet again more time and effort involved in unnecessary correspondence. I don’t mind fighting the battle when it is us at fault, however in this instance we have nothing to do with, so now we are trying to keep Self Trading out of the frame where someone else has placed us. And of course the ever running scenario of the tax man wanting money from me, not only are they now trying to take me to court, but for money that I do not owe them, figures are completely wrong and it just goes on…..

I am still excited about the wholesale trading, and we are continuously growing, I am also looking at buying from the States, I have been able to buy some dollars at one of the best rates for years, enabling me to buy clearout stock from the states, where it is a multi billion dollar industry, import it into the UK and still sell at knock down prices for the UK consumers, I can’t go wrong!

It has been decided to put back the opening of the Self Mart stores, until after I return from Antigua, (a married man!) I am looking forward to rolling out these stores, and franchising them, I am sure that this is going to be a great success, not only for me but for everyone else that gets involved!!

The weather has been great and thankfully my swimming pool was completed just in time to enjoy this fantastic weather, I get up in the morning and can have a nice early morning swim in 85 degrees, it can’t get better than that!?

Daryl SelfI intend to treat myself this summer, with the purchase of a Ferrari F430 Spider, I was a little unsure until a good friend of mine let me borrow his for the week. This has definitely swayed my decision, I am having one! It has caused me some amusement borrowing my friends, as his number plate reads 1WB, people seeing me around town, have commented on the plate meaning “wide boy”, it made me laugh!

Daryl SelfSo much happens on a day to day basis, that I am having trouble finding the time to keep my blog updated as much as I would like, and I will be talking more about business in the future.

That’s it for now, stay tuned folks!

Business Opportunities

The Pressure is on at the Self Group

Daryl Self
It is all hands on deck at the moment in the Self Group and the pressure is on.
We are opening up our first unique Self Mart discount store this month and my intention is to roll out another ten within the company over the next five years.
In addition to this 100 stores nationwide through franchises.
The concept of discount stores I have analysed for many years and the formula that we are using is a recipe for success!

The top three discount stores in the UK are TJ Hughes, Wilkinsons and Primark.

My discount store concept is a mixture of all the above stores, but with a difference.
I will continue to buy clearance/bankrupt and surplus items for the Self Mart stores, with many products bought at lower than manufacturers cost, buying in this manner will on occasions enable my customers to also buy at lower than manufacturing costs! This concept will enable me to sell at low prices, attracting the consumers to my store again and again, not only will this attract return customers but also launch a great viral marketing campaign, you cannot go wrong with word of mouth, the cheapest and best advertising around!
Many of the above stores start with the concept of selling clearance/bankrupt and surplus stock but there tends to be a limit of what is offered to you and they can not keep the continuity with different lines that are offered. This is why they start importing goods directly, these products are manufactured at a low cost to enable them to be sold at a low cost, and this of course affects the quality of the end product.

Our intention is to continue to buy clearance/bankrupt and surplus stock under the manufacturing costs, and to expand our wings worldwide to keep the continuity of ever changing stock.
Our stores will offer the customer, on a regular basis, a total changing of aisles, where one day they may have seen stationary and books, photo albums etc and the next the aisle may be replaced with branded perfumes and cosmetics…

Self Trading is rapidly expanding and we are always looking to recruit more ambitious people to the team. People with great ambitions and the drive to make a success of their life are always welcome!! With the opening of the Self Mart stores we will begin to look at recruiting for these, it is non stop in my world!

Business Opportunities

Meeting the Bank Manager

I was looking forward to my meeting with our customer relations manager from the bank today, as I told her that I am looking to buy a property for the company, a plan to move the ever expanding company forward into the retail market. It was also a good time to discuss my future growth plans with opening my chain of stores within the next five years.
I have never used the banks for borrowings, due to the rig moral that has always surrounded it, and from talking to various people I have now decided to give it a go.
I am looking to purchase a freehold property in the region of a million pounds, how does it work, and what can the bank offer me?
We got on very well, it is nice to put a face to the voice after a long time, and nice to have an attractive relations manager, but of course she still talks like a manager and the same old rig moral is involved.
It’s not about what you are going to do, your past, your ambition and enthusiasm but what you can secure against your borrowings. I am now in a position in my life where it is not a problem to secure most loans, but this makes me think about today’s young entrepreneurs, where do they go and how do they start?
My meeting with the bank re-iterated for me how difficult it is in today’s’ climate for the young entrepreneur to make a start. Banks are not what they used to be, you could go to the bank with your idea and if they thought it was good they would take the risk with you and share in the success if it was proved to be successful.
Today you go to the bank with your idea, they sit there and listen ,they want you to prepare cash flow forecasts, projections etc, but at the end of the day ,all they are interested in is how you are going to secure that loan, personal guarantees against your assets etc.
A young entrepreneur will have none of this, which is why they are looking to borrow the money in the first place!
I can’t wait for the next ten years, where I plan to be semi retired, I would like to hope that I will be in a position to act as a business angel /venture capitalist. Where I can take time to meet an entrepreneur, listen to their idea, see their enthusiasm and judge that they have the right drive behind them, and make a decision myself as to whether the idea could work and potentially make money.
I would not be interested in how they are going to secure the loan, I want them to be able to succeed and at the same time be able to take a piece of the action!
I would like to be able to contribute to the success of many entrepreneurs, whether it is advice, mentoring or money, lending money against the person and the idea and not assets and what they can secure.
Everybody with the right ideas, enthusiasm, time and effort deserves the chance to succeed!

Girlfriends & Children

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Business Opportunities

Stag Weekend March 2007

Puerto Banus Stag Weekend March 2007

My stag weekend in Spain turned out to be a great success, all of us, a group of 16-20 lads all said that they have had a great time, no incidents of death, arrest injury or alcohol poisoning, bar one arrest at the airport on departure.
Poor Ryan some trouble a few months ago in Spain and he has ended up behind bars, joining us back in the UK shortly.

Going back to the actual weekend….
We all decided that Saturday night would be the big night, but of course as soon as we landed at the airport where the coach was waiting, the right thing to do was to start the weekend as we meant to go on with, a bang!
We stopped at a few bars on the way to the hotel as we couldn’t wait, much to the drivers’ dismay…
Each time we stopped we were getting more wasted, and typically by the time we got to the hotel we were all well on the way to be completely trashed, after a diversion to a wrong hotel (thanks driver), we eventually arrived at our hotel!
Katie of course never left me any booking info for the hotel….and they had the wrong amount of people booked in to the hotel, they had twelve not 16, I then tried to argue this point, but could hardily speak, I managed to get Katie on the phone who confirmed that it was under two names, both under the name of Self, how difficult was that for the hotel! We managed to get our stuff into our rooms and carried on out to Puerto Banus, we called into most bars on the front, and only played up a little bit, not as noisy and rowdy as you would expect but we still managed to consume large amounts of alcohol and stuff……

We then carried on to the early hours of the morning and I think that I managed to keep up with the lads, and crawled home about 6am. I am sure that they tucked me up in bed and carried on, I never realized what a bunch of hard core users and abusers I am actually friends with, I must have been the lightest weight on the whole trip, how embarrassing , bearing in mind that I was the stag!
There was a point when I got up, when they were crashing around in the apartment, that I thought I was going to die.
I got paranoid thinking, “who out of them would know the right number to ring”, in my state I got out my Spanish helicopter medical card, and as I went round each person trying to give them the card to help me, I am sure that they thought I was giving it to them for something else! I stayed with them in the apartments lounge for another hour, as I was convinced that I was dying, then I realized that maybe I am not and went back to bed, leaving the animals to carry on!

We rose from our pits at about mid-day on Saturday and made for a good brekkie, as it was such a beautiful day it was decided to spend the afternoon drinking in the beach bars.
Weather was good so out came the cocktails, and other combinations of alcohol, it was the start of a great afternoon.

Then came out the Stags Dare, the Borat Suit, which I had been threatened with prior to our arrival in Spain, but didn’t really think would happen, how wrong could I have been!

After arguing the point for what felt like forever, I decided that by doing this I would be getting off quite lightly, James had promised me that this is all I would have to do.
The atmosphere was good and not that many people about so off came my clothes and on went the Borat suit, to everyone’s delight!

All I had to do was walk down the beach and dip my toes in the water….so down the beach I walk in the fluorescent green Borat suit to much laughing and jeering from the many spectators in the restaurants that I had to walk passed to get to the sea!

On dipping my toes in the water I walked back to the bar to find that surprise, surprise everyone had left! All I had with me was my phone; I couldn’t walk back to the hotel like this, having to explain to everybody why I was dressed like this…
Fortunately for me another friend of mine was on the beach, I managed to get a towel and a t-shirt to save my modesty!
The rest of the groups were waiting round the corner in fits of laughter, extremely satisfied that I had completed my most embarrassing dare!
More drinks in the bar, followed by a few of us having a siesta, with the hard core going on through.

Saturday evening started with a meal and then carried on to various bars, Linekars, Seven, and many others….
This carried on to about 3-4 am, again the hardcore were just banging away with the drinks, and I again managed to slope of without most of them noticing and be tucked up
in bed for about 4am, unfortunately those that had gone through the night came back to the hotel, like a herd of elephants and carried on drinking, don’t these guys ever need to rest?!!
I was almost rising as they were winding down to sleep!
The festivities carried on Sunday, and I managed to last through until midnight, I was worn out, they all came back Monday am, by this stage was very embarrassed at my lack of hard core drinking ability, mind you I am at least ten years older than most of them!
I think that some of them only had a few hours sleep the whole weekend; everyone has said what a great time they had, I have thanked James, my best man personally and he put a great show on, there was no fall outs, arguments fights etc, it really was a great one….

No arrests…until departure at the airport….and an unpaid fine turned up to haunt Ryan!!

Pictures of the weekend to view for those select few… know who you are!

Thanks to everyone that came, thank god I only have to have the one stag night!!!

If you want to see the UNCUT gallery! Click Here
Boys On Tour Puerto Banus – March 2007

Mr Daryl Self as you’ve never seen him before, and probably never again unless he does decide to come out of the closet.

These photographs were taken at lunchtime where Daryl was made to walk to the sea and back whilst we ran away with his clothes, not a pleasant sight seeing a black man in a Borat suit running after us with his bollocks hanging out. We were all part pissed at this stage and the whole thing became alot messy as the day/night went on.

I’d like to say a big thanks to Daryl for getting married and having a stag weekend and Bronson for organising the event and my new friends Hoff, Mole, Walnut, Baldy, Paint, Drewzy, Handoff, Westy and Nigel, oh fuck wrong name 10 euros and a shot for me

One fantastic weekend


Dog Found!
Any one loose a dog in Puerto Banus think we have found one, not the bloke on the right that’s my mate Gary….

First Job

My First Job

When I left school I was nervous about entering the workplace, I was told for years by school teachers and others around me that I would never amount to anything.
In those days Dyslexia was not recognised, people thought that as I couldn’t put pen to paper I was an idiot, and I had started to believe it.
So on leaving school I went to the job centre, it was what you did then if you didn’t want to go to college. I didn’t go to college; I didn’t want to waste any more of my life being told that I was a dunce.
The guy at the job centre asked me various questions, of which most of them I had to shake my head to, I had no qualifications to my name. It was decided that a more manual labour orientated job would be the direction for me. The only available position that was suitable was in the local timber yard. The guy explained to me not to get my hopes up as they had already sent 19 applicants for this position and not one of them had been successful.
I thought that I would try at least, so the interview was arranged and off I went.
On arriving at the Timber Yard I was greeted by the boss, Mike Hedger, I was so nervous, he asked me questions about my experience, my qualifications etc. All I was able to tell him, was that I was good with my hands, a quick learner and more importantly eager to work. I had already sorted out my own flat without knowing where the rent money was coming from, I really needed this job!
Mike asked me what I was worth, what was I worth? I didn’t know what I was worth, so I told Mike this. Mike liked what he was hearing, I told him to start me on the job and then at the end of the week if I was no good, don’t pay me.
I started on that basis, it took me a couple of days to find my feet but by the end of the week, I was the best person that Mike had employed!
I have never looked back from that day. I worked hard and by the age of 16 I was managing most of the sections within the Timber yard.
After a few years with Mike, I began to think about doing my own thing, we talked about it, and he agreed that I was growing and needed to move on, he told me that the world was my oyster and go and make something of myself.
I took Mikes advice, and to this date he is still one of the best people I know, he is honest, loyal, respected by family, friends and the business world he operates in.
I learnt a lot from Mike, he is such a hard worker, always getting stuck in, never afraid to do anything and would never ask someone to do something that he would never do himself.
Mike has become a very successful man and we remain very firm friends.
I owe a lot to Mike for his time, advice and friendship.
He is my mentor.

Flash Fast Cars

Flash Fast Cars

It has always been a great advantage in my life that I have been able to afford to own nice cars.
When I was young boy I was in awe of people with nice cars, I used to wonder how they had managed to get such nice things. I believed that everybody in a nice car was a multi millionaire, years ago this may have been the case, but now everyone has the possibility to own a nice car, thanks to finance. I couldn’t ever strap myself up with finance on cars; I have always been a cash buyer. It’s an additional expense that you don’t really want, top of the range prestige cars are for those that can afford them, houses are the only things that should be strapped up in regards to finance as far as I am concerned!
At 17 I purchased my first car, a Humber Septer. At the time I thought that this car was the nuts, clocks on the dashboard, leather seats….looking back it was just a piece of crap, although now a classic car!
So out went the Humber and in came the brand new Ford, don’t ask me why, I kept this car for a couple of years, and as I started to earn my money I continually changed my cars, why not ,I was proud of what I was achieving in my life and wanted to show everybody!
In my early 20’s I bought a company purely for its fleet of cars, in particular a brand new Rolls Royce, I didn’t even look at the companies accounts, I wanted to have the ultimate, give it the big one in a brand new Rolls Royce!
People couldn’t understand what a young black man was doing in a brand new car like that, didn’t believe that it could be achieved, well I showed them!
I went back to my old school, the school for naughty boys, and pulled up and parked my brand new rolls outside the head teachers office, word soon spread that Daryl Self, ex pupil who they had said would amount to nothing, has turned up in a Rolls Royce! This was a great day for me, such a sense of I told you so, they were too eager to write me off, well I showed them!
At one stage in my life I had £1 Million worth of cars sat on my driveway, two Ferraris, Porch Turbo Convertible, Range Rover and BMW; this was a sight for sore eyes for any car enthusiast!
Over the years I have changed my cars on a regular basis, always having the best of the cars available, I have had Ferraris, porches, BMW’s Range rovers, Mustangs, and many more.
I feel that I have now become more modest with the cars that I purchase, I recently sold my Bentley Continental and replaced it with a Mercedes S Class, more of the business mans car….however I do still have the Mercedes SL55, and the H2 Hummer, and talking of becoming modest in my old age, the stretch hummer, of which I have been able to build an up and coming hire company around!
My ultimate car (for the moment) is the Rolls Royce Phantom….watch this space…..

Business Opportunities

Weekend Activities

One of the troubles being a business man is that you are always trying to save the pennies.

I am near to completion on my swimming pool, in the garden of my house.
However, there was a rather large tree that blocked out a lot of the sunshine.
I therefore decided that this tree had to go, so the tree surgeon arrives, tuts a bit, shakes his head, breathes in and tells’ me that it is going to cost me £1000 to get the tree down. £1000, forget it I’ll do it myself… first job when I left school was taking trees down, how hard can it be?!

So I committed myself to taking this tree down, the gauntlet had been laid down, the challenge had been set and I accepted, pay somebody a grand when I can do it myself cheaper, never!

The first weekend was spent surveying the tree. I then went out and bought a chainsaw, at £340.
My ladder, even though extended to its full potential would not reach the top (bear in mind this is a 200ft high tree), so I bought £250 worth of climbing gear, (keeping up with the cost here?)
The second weekend, I got myself all strapped up, harness, quick release etc, and I still needed another rope at £150, and up I went.
The tree has now left my garden at the total cost of £740 worth of equipment, two weekends of not only my time but two of my guys, and the cost of putting my own life at risk!
For those watching, and you know who you are, this may have been an amusing event, me hanging like a monkey from the tree, and to be honest, not feeling that confident, bits of tree going everywhere, including a very near miss of my neighbors pride greenhouse!
All in all I think that it may have cost me slightly more than the £1000 that the tree surgeon quoted me!
Saying all this though, I would do it again. Something like this sets me aside from other people, people like me who accept challenges set before them. It puts you a step ahead of everybody else, and makes you stand out from the crowd.

Girlfriends & Children

Getting Married

Daryl Self
Getting married is turning into a bigger exercise than running a multi million pound business!
It’s no wonder that I have avoided the whole thing for nearly 30 years of my life!

Not only have I that to deal with, my best man has decided that he couldn’t organize a piss up in a brewery and the task of organizing the stag do has fallen onto me. There are 20 of us going to Marbella for the weekend, so whoever organizes it, it is sure to be a good time….I’ll keep you posted…

I have not been fortunate enough to have the in-laws pay for the wedding, I am therefore bearing the whole cost of not only the wedding in Antigua , with a reception for 30 in a top hotel (flights, accommodation and the list goes on….) but also a reception for 100 plus guests when we get back!

To my utter astonishment I am actually looking forward to getting married, despite the fact that there is still so much to do….dresses and suits which we are having made, will they be here and ready on time? , Gifts, Wedding Favors, and the most important of all the wedding bands for both me and my future wife!!

My PA is delighted in the amount of organizing as it now means that she is coming with us, see it’s not that bad working for me after all!!

I must take my hat of to my bride, I am nuts at the best of times, but to choose to be with me, choose to marry me and spend the rest of her life with me, she must really love me! (Or is she nuts, again I will keep you posted!)

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