Holidays and Adventures

Bank Holiday Fun in the Sun in Marbella

I have just come back from my end of May bank holiday in Spain with my family. What a great weekend we had!!

The sun was shining, the accommodation was fantastic and the food and drink all went down far too easily. It was one of our best family holidays in a long time. But I also tied it in with a few nights out partying with old friends.

We have all been talking doom and gloom for so long in this country its actually making everybody depressed, and depression I’m sure slows everyone down. It was a joy to go to the Puerto Banus Ocean Club Sintillate Champagne Party, we went there during the day on Saturday and rubbed shoulders with a few up and coming celebrities which was a lot of fun.

Then on Sunday we hit the Sintillate full blown Champagne Party and it was a real eye opener and a reminder that it isn’t all doom and gloom. I go to the same party every year, but it was far more outrageous this year, the sun beds were costing 12000 Euros for eight people, and they were throwing in 40 bottles of champagne for free, entrance alone was 150 Euros and it was a complete sell out.

Champagne was flowing, beautiful people dancing, partying, drinking and enjoying the weather. It was an absolutely brilliant 12 hours in the sun partying.

I couldn’t believe my friend Gary when he told me that one of the sun bed groups spent 150,000 Euros just during that one afternoon. Exchanging their house champagne for Dom Perignon and Cristal, some other groups on the sun beds were spending 50,000-75,000 Euros. All in one afternoon.

I believe that afternoon the Ocean Club took in excess of three quarters of a million Euros in all, what a business! There was certainly no recession in the Ocean Club that day. If you haven’t been I suggest one bank holiday you give it a go, it is by far the best party weekend in the world and I know, I can compare it to some spectacular parties but nothing compares.


We also found a brilliant new complex in Spain we didn’t know about before, we found it by accident as my original hotel wouldn’t let us stay as we had my two young children with us and after May they don’t allow children, this is their loss and if you have children too certainly don’t go to H10 Andalucia Plaza after May, but I can recommend the facilities and hotel at Vasari Hotel in Puerto Banus, the surroundings of the hotel are spectacular the accommodation comfortable and spacious and it was perfect when travelling with young children like us. I highly recommend it.

I also enjoyed some time at Buda Beach while away, and the vacation made me come back with lots of inspiration and cleared out all my negativity for the rest of the year, I have a new positive attitude and I intend to make some big dough this year. The people I met whilst on holiday couldn’t spend money quick enough and there is not many industries where this is the case, I would have loved to have a chat with some of those players to find out what business’ they are in and how the money comes so easy!

I came back into the office with my new positive attitude and I hope it has rubbed off on the rest of the team.

I hope you enjoy these few pictures of my holiday with family and celebrities. Just looking forward to my next holiday and making more money now!

Business Opportunities

Nearly Owning a Jet!

This week has been pretty hectic, with the various projects coming together after a lot of hard work. Self Trading has been very busy to say the least too, as we have found a new source of good volume parcels and this has given us the opportunity to find new and exciting stock all around the world.

There seem to be a lot of very big, quality parcels that you can tender for direct with the seller, and it was all very exciting earlier this week and at the same time very nerve racking as for whatever reason I decided to tender for a FA2 Sea Harrier Jet.  This was no display model wither, it was a complete, working and fully serviceable aircraft.  I decided to tender for this fantastic jet and much to our surprise we won the tender and as far as we were concerned it was our property. So the whole team had to start researching on the internet to find out exactly what we had bought and the more that we found out the scarier it became.  The bills didn’t seem to stop at the purchase price either, but then there was the servicing bills, inspection, licences and paper work, storage bills and fees for just transporting it.  All very worrying but soon after we received a text letting us know the owner had turned down our bid.


There was a big sigh or relief in the office when we received the message especially as the terms stated we could not withdraw our offer ourselves, and all of a sudden the nervous excitement and worries came to an end.  But the jet is still available and if anyone wants to tender over £500,000 they could own it, but I don’t think there is anyone out there as mad as me.

But we are still working hard on setting up our floor company, of course the trading website, the loan purchase business, Self Temptation lingerie and all the other various websites we are building and maintaining for and on behalf of our clients.

I’m still hoping for a good year, and things are looking good so far…..

Business Opportunities

Loan Purchase and Business Opportunities

What is happening with the economy today? The rich get richer the poor get poorer, I don’t know where I’m going I still seem to stay the same. Apart from that I guess I should be grateful that I’m still staying level which is a comfortable position to be in.

All my various businesses are ticking over at present. I’m looking to take on a possible acquisition shortly which has got a great turnover and which will benefit my group of companies.  Hopefully we can expand on the business as it stands now, the industry has masses of potential and is at its infancy at present, exciting times.


We are also seeing revitalization in the loan purchase business and I think more people are recognizing the scheme that we have to offer and it’s nice doing some good business so far this month.

I think loan purchase has massive potential but at some stage I will have to bite the bullet and invest in a marketing strategy and I’m sure it will reap the rewards and grow massively.

Generally I think it’s looking bright for the future for the Self Group, and I have in mind for the end of the year a new Silver Ghost to reward my efforts over the last few years. I will keep you posted on progress with my various activities in business. As far as holidays are concerned I’ve cut back this year spending more time at work and with the family. I think I was too young and not quite ready financially for retirement.


Business Opportunities

Self Temptation Hit’s The High Street!

Wow! What a week, hectic but very exciting!  The Self Temptation team and I have been working like crazy to keep up with all of our online orders. The team has all been pitching in to get everything out on time! I am very pleased at the success of the recent online launch. In fact our online store has taken off so well I can now reveal that Self Temptation are set to go to the high street in May this year!

daryls blog

I have made the decision to roll out to the high street due to the online success of Self Temptation. People want Victoria’s Secret quality at Primark prices, which is exactly what the Self Temptation brand is all about. There really is a demand for luxury lingerie at affordable prices. Currently many high streets offer expensive lingerie chains such as; La Senza, Ann Summers and Boux Avenue, all with high price points. We feel that Self Temptation will appeal to a much wider customer base, offering lingerie, sexy fancy dress, false eyelashes, a range of shoes and for the more risqué customer the store will offer a section of adult toys.

I feel that Self Temptation is very different to these other lingerie chain stores, as the design and quality is of such a high standard, beautiful packaging, all at fantastic low prices. This is the perfect time in the current economic climate to offer Self Temptation to the high street. People don’t want to be spending a fortune on lingerie, the customer wants a luxury treat without breaking the bank, and this is exactly what Self Temptation are offering, online and now soon to be on the high street.

I can reveal that the first store will open in Bournemouth, local to the Self Temptation Head Office, the store will be situated on the main high street, and will be launching in May. The design of the store is currently being developed and will be revealed to the public on the launch date.

I intend to roll out further stores across the whole of the UK within a short space of time, after the success of the first store, but for now, the rest of the UK can order online or visit our flagship store in Bournemouth. I also have plans to bring the Self Temptation Tour to a high street near you; the tour will be a pop-up marquee and will tour cities and towns over the UK. I will keep you posted on the Self Temptation twitter and facebook pages for updates and previews of the store.

Here’s a preview at the Self Temptation Tour Marquee.

Don’t forget for now to buy online at Self

Business Opportunities

The Team

The Team –


Knowing this year was going to be extremely busy, I had to find some new fantastic member s to add to my small team I already had, Karl has been with me for over 5 years and works in IT producing my ever growing demand of websites, he has proved to be very reliable over the years apart from his tiring excuses of getting caught in traffic every morning!! We then have Gareth who works alongside Karl in producing websites, and is literally a genius and doesn’t he know it!! If anyone in the office ever needs to know something we always go to Gareth as it’s like referring to a encyclopaedia which comes in great use in our office due to the versatility of what we deal with.

Not as clever as me mind!
Sam Colclough my new Business Development Manager / PA who has been with me now for just over a month I felt from the initial interview she was going to be an outstanding asset to me and the business and assists me 100% to get where I am aiming for.


To date she has never turned down a job task and has always been willing to put more in than what is expected always working late and staying behind whilst Karl clearly turns into a pumpkin at 6pm Sarah gets picked up at 6pm by her chariot and Gareth bless him, he does stay behind!
We welcome Sarah as Marketing assistant to Self Temptation she started a few weeks ago and has come from a fashion designer background and has appreciation of all aspects of the fashion industry and is a hard little worker, she has come in and got her teeth stuck into self temptation making sure we hit the market with a bang writing all press releases and keeping all our social networks up to date for you guys all to read! She has settled in nicely, and will be working on many different projects as well as Self temptation in the future.

Business Opportunities

YBIS Update

Ybis Website Design

We are now starting to work hard on YBIS which is where we build websites and develop e-commerce sites to sell, it is growing at a very fast pace therefore we are currently taking on staff. Myself and Sam (my Business Development Manager and PA) are working on the development and building of e-commerce store ready for the resale, so we are all ready for a very good money making successful year.

Business Opportunities

Launch of Self Temptation

This is a extremely busy year for me and my team already, with so many projects, such as the development and building of e-commerce sites, I am pleased to bring to you, this is one of my newest ventures.

Self temptation will be the first UK online retailers of Baci Lingerie we offer unique, sexy, affordable, luxury apparel. We will be launching on my Birthday 7th March 2011, only a few days ago we announced the launch of a fantastic competition whereby if you register your details you have a chance of winning one of 3 £50.00 vouchers so far we have had over 400 competition enterers which is fantastic considering the site hasn’t even launched.

View for more details and keep an eye out for our launch!! Or take advantage of our pre order facility due to high demand.

Holidays and Adventures

Christmas Time in Barbados

A lot of people are coming to my business blog and finding it covered in social affairs and private life, and holidays ect, to be honest with you that is what I’ve mostly been doing for the last 3-4 years, but now I’m getting back to work as the ones I’ve dipped my toes in the water with are working well. So after this post I shall turn my blog back to where it should be based on business, money and entrepreneurial related posts.

So look forward to further business posts as that’s what they will be based on as that’s how it all started. Lots of people have been saying to me ‘you haven’t been putting much on your blog lately’ but I have been flat out with new business ventures, and e-commerce sites launching also my general business and recruiting, so enough about that lets get on to my Barbados holiday and I will keep you posted with the exciting business ventures in hand later.

Barbados… I have been on some fantastic holidays in my life, but I think Barbados is one of the best places to chill out, especially going this time of year as it gives you a couple of weeks break! With the cold weather we have been experiencing here generally… We just needed to get away.

So this holiday I would say is one of the most expensive holiday! They know how to charge in Barbados they even catch you on the airlines.
I took all my kids except my oldest son, my 2 daughters, Louis and my little girl and of course my wife, one of my girls boyfriends tagged along and I’m sure I wasn’t going to pay his flight too. We flew premium economy which cost a fortune but would have been double if I had of gone club. We landed at the airport in the afternoon Friday 28th December, got in our hired mini bus which you can imagine we needed and headed straight 2 our apartment, our apartment was a lovely 3 bed at a resort called glitter bay. The first thing we did was unpacked and had a good night sleep as we had been travelling 18 hrs door to door.

On the first day we went to the supermarket loading up a few things to eat and drink I could not believe how 1 trolley full of food and drink could cost 1000 Barbadian dollars approx £334!! This was a shock but I started to get used to it as the holiday went on.

We had a few must places to go ranging from sandy lane, the cliff restaurant, the fish pot restaurant, lone star and others they were all fantastic restaurants and I recommend to go there if you visit Barbados! The fish pot was very reasonably priced, and believe it or not we managed to get into a Chinese restaurant in Barbados.
Our friends Steve and Lynne and there kids who accompanied us, stayed at the royal West Moorlins and our other friends Laurence and Chantelle and family also stayed there so we spent quite a bit of time together, Royal West Moorlins was slightly off the beaten track as a golf resort but a beautiful place to stay. I had a great round of golf with Steve and Laurence, its always nice to keep my hand in I need to startplaying more regularly to keep up with them in the future…But great game.

The holiday was mainly filled up with my wife and my 2 daughters doing what girls do best lying on the beach!! Me and Louis went crabbing and checked out some of the local bars. I got myself (which was a great investment) a backpack so lexi could sit on my back and I could walk around with her so we didn’t miss out on anything. The best day I guess for me was when we went to the lunch at sandy lane originally we were going to be in the club house, but I changed the location we were going to be seated next to Andrew Lloyd Webber (no offence to Andrew Lloyd Webber but I didn’t like the spot), we went down to the main hotel and sat on the terrace instead. We brushed shoulders there with various celebrities I got speaking to Ross Abbot whilst being served ice-cream, also spoke to Phillip Green who came over to the table and spoke to us which was nice and there were many other celebrities but hey ho I don’t want to bore you and go through everybody.
What was strange, it was a little bit like walking along a paradise beech in Bournemouth as there were so many faces from Bournemouth not mention, Stuart Rawlins and his wife (thank you very much for treating us to lunch at lone star). Linda who I met had a house next to sandy lane, Graham Roberts who turns out after having chat that his brother owned the apartment that we stayed at which was great! Dave Miller and of course the Simons. Didn’t meet up with Al and his wife but had a drink with Sofia and Kate and was nice catching up.

With out going too much on about the day to day goings on which you might find boring, it was just great to be away in the sun, the glass bottomed boat and seeing the turtles made my little boys trip and we also had to go the monkey zoo in 100 degrees don’t know why but this is what my boy wanted to do. Towards the end I think we were all looking forward to coming home as you do when you are on holiday even when you are having fun and enjoying the sunshine, we landed back at Gatwick on the 11th January 6am back in the office for 9 ready to crack on and do a days work. As mentioned earlier no more holidays planned for the next couple of months so posts should be business related I will keep you updated.

Would just like to thank Steve and Lynne Laurence and Chantelle, for being great company I look forward to going away with again soon.


Business Opportunities

Exciting Prospects for 2011

Self Temptation is due to launch with a exciting new brand Baci Lingerie and Ybis will go live early in the new year too.

I haven’t blogged in a while because I’ve been busy with other projects, but 2011 is shaping up to be an interesting year for the Self Group, we have been producing websites for a select group of companies such as Richmond Classics and of course my own companies for some time so it was natural the next step would be to offer this service to others. Ybis will be launching as soon as we have finalised our packages and finished our next exciting e-commerce site.

Self Tempotation launches Baci Lingerie new for 2011

The new Self Temptation website will be an e-commerce site offering for sale the sexy and exciting new brand of Baci Lingerie and intimate apparel, brand new to the UK. Baci is committed to designing luxury lingerie at unbelievable value to ensure that a greater number of people have access to its range lingerie and ultimately helping more people feel better about themselves. We will be the first online retailer in the UK to offer the brand.

I am also looking to expand our talented team and we are looking for a new sales and marketing manager to run the Self Temptation website, to read our job advert Click Here.

Business Opportunities

Update on Self Mart

As promised a recap on the progress of Self Mart, since revamping and working with drop shippers, in a period of less than 12 months we have had a revenue stream of over £100,000 with a minimum mark up of 50%
So it seems a non brainer if we could maximise this and take a revenue potential of £700,000 a year. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts I think we will now start to build sites like these as business opportunities to sell so people have the ability to work from home reducing over heads as no more office costs and good profits to be made.

Self Mart