Holidays and Adventures

Back from Spain off to Monte Carlo!

I am back from a well earned break in Spain with my little family, unfortunately it was not as relaxed as I thought, bit of a leak in the apartment that had to be sorted out before the summer renters arrive, no rest for the wicked!

Went to the normal haunts, Nikki Beach, Ocean Club and the Buddha Bar, it was all good fun, good company and all in the sunshine.

I am only back for a few days then off for the Super Car Club rally, which takes me and my mate Pinkie (Steve) from Brooklands in Surrey, through France and the Italian Alps down to Monte Carlo.
Also on the rally are some friends from London and looking forward to meeting some new and interesting people on the journey, can’t wait its going to be a great experience with some fun on the way!

I will keep you updated with the journey on here, so you all get to see the sights!

Not much on the business side of things that I can divulge at the moment, got a big project that is launching in the next couple of weeks, so until then I will say no more!

Me and My boy enjoying dinner out in Spain.

my beautiful wife and son soaking up the rays in Nikki Beach

Do you think Jo will let me have a shower like this next to our pool, with all the added extras!

Family Fun in the Sun!

Holidays and Adventures

Back from Dubai

I am now back from a great trip in Dubai with Louis and Jo, and while we were there we met up with friend Steve and Nicky with their kids, we had a wonderful time with them, made the trip!

Dubai is one of the best places that I have been, the customer service and friendliness that is offered is second to none, and one of the safest places to travel to, I would recommend visiting Dubai to anyone.

Unfortunately with the sterling being at an all time low it did work out quite an expensive trip. I am sure that the Dubai bubble will burst soon; I believe that the level of service and the style that Dubai offers is unsustainable.

If you are interested in construction, as I am and buildings architecture, then Dubai offers an immense variety, buildings that are out of this world, not only in size but also in design.

While I was there was able to get some business done, and had a successful meeting with a large company looking for us to act as an agent to supply them with electrical goods, I am going to get in there while the going is good.

Back in the office and back to the grindstone…until the next little trip abroad!

Luckily the trip conincided with Valenties, so my lovely wife was taken out for a lovely meal and I even bought her a rose, we had a great night!

Here is a picture of me and Steve getting stuck into some pints of beer by the pool, chilling out and enjoying each others

company, well at least I think he enjoyed my company!

This is one of the fish from the immense fish tank in our hotel, the fish were amazing and the tank was huge, how they are able to keep it so clean and fresh looking is unbelievable.

Me and my little boy on the beach, it was amazing still cant believe that the swept the sand over night, in the mornings not a footprint on the sand!

My little boy posing for the camera, something that he is comfortable with these days, in the hotel reception.

Views from our hotel room, the only disappointment was the sand dust in the air which made it all a bit unclear, sun still managed to get through, still warmer than the UK, it was lovely!

Holidays and Adventures

Back from New York with Joe Calzaghe!

Back from New York, Joe Calzaghe did it again he is a legend!
He didn’t disappoint anyone in the crowd, scared us in the first round where he went down on his knees, but from that moment it was all Joes fight, Roy Jones Jnr didn’t know what was happening and it was great to be amongst the crowd a few shoulders away from the Ring, and feeling the adrenaline rushing through me it was an unbelievable feeling especially when you are friends with the person that is fighting, fantastic ,that is all I can say.
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Was able to speak to Joe, Enzo his dad, Sergio and his uncle after the fight, they were all of course in great spirits.
Where Joe goes next from this is anybodies guess, but at the moment he is saying it is his last fight, if it is, and as far as I know, and I don’t know that much abut boxing, its the second best record in the world, 46 undefeated professional fights and I think that the only person that has beaten that record is Rocky Marciano with 49 undefeated fights, maybe Joe one day will decide to take three more fights and go in the history books and Guinness book of records, if he is not due to be placed in there anyway.
We had a great time in New York, and to add to the excitement of the weekend, me and the boys had our picture taken and we are up in lights on a billboard in Times Square, can it get any better than that….that is how we roll!

Daryl Self

Caught up with Joe at the airport, had a few drinks in the lounge bar with him, spoke about a few things, here is a few pictures of the man and me, and of course Brian, who gets everywhere with me, or do I get everywhere with him, one or the other.

Daryl Self

What I am also very proud of is I bought Joe a top as a present from Christian Audigier which is a boxing hoodie named the Champion, obviously so very appropriate, and he loves it, soon as I gave it to him, he took off his leather jacket and wore the hoodie back to England, good feeling when a friend and a legend like that loves the present that you bought him.

Back to England and concentrating on getting my businesses flying for the new year and hopefully 09 will be a good year for me and all my staff, as 08 has not lived up to normal business expectations, apart from my family and holidays and social life…. in business I think this is the lull before the storm!

All good things ahead!

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Grand Canyon

Today we decided to do the Grand Canyon tour, Jo and Louis decided they didn’t want to go as they wanted to see Siegfried and Roy’s white tigers and lions, so I went with Brian , Daisy and a few of her family.

We went up in the helicopter, a 2 ½ hr round trip, he was not just a tour guide on the Canyon he also knew a lot about Vegas, some of the facts that he told me were outstanding, for instance where the rest of America is in recession, Vegas is booming and is an expanding city, with over 2000 people per month coming to live in Vegas. The top hotels take in the region of $10 million per day, the largest hotel used to be the MGM with 4000 rooms but has now been over taken by the Venetian with 8000 rooms, and each room for the hotels employ approximately two members of staff per room per hotel.

The money that is made and spent in Las Vegas is not just from the casinos, this is just a part of the revenue for Vegas, and the rest comes from tours, concerts, exhibitions, shows, conferences and shopping. This income is 354 days of the year and increasing on a daily basis! Which makes me think hang on, there has got to be an opening for the Self Enterprise over here, I am now looking seriously at options available to me, taking advantage of my status and business abilities.

Back to the Grand Canyon….

The tour could have been a little bit smoother, did have some strong winds, I found this exciting, but our other passengers weren’t that comfortable with it!

It was amazing to see the Grand Canyon from the air; there are shear drops of over mile!

We flew over the Hoover damn which is an amazing piece of construction; they are currently building another road for traffic to cross over this half mile drop!

Flew over the Skywalk, which is built by the Indians, this has a glass bottom looking down the shear drop of the Canyon at one of the highest points along the Canyon.

The pictures that I have taken only show an indication of the drops!

The only downside of this tour was that we couldn’t land to look at the drops, next time I will make sure that I do this.

On the way back we flew next to our hotel, it was amazing to see our hotel from the air

Not really sure that I am ready to leave Las Vegas, but our schedule is to carry on to New York and Antigua, but I can see me coming back here very soon, there is so much business potential and this trip has shown me that the office back at home doesn’t necessarily need my physical presence on a full time basis, as they have been coping quite well without me!

Holidays and Adventures

Arrival to Las Vegas

The hotel is fantastic, has a great pool area with a fake beach along with a great wave machine and a lazy river ride which Louis loves, it also has some fantastic restaurants and shops and of course casinos!

It would take a week just to get round this hotel alone, let alone all the others!

Hopefully we are going to cover as much as we can while we are here, there is so much to see and do, don’t think that a week is going to be long enough!

We are all looking forward to Saturday night, Fight Night for Joe Calzaghe, fingers crossed he is going to show Bernard Hopkins what a real boxing match is all about!

Katie, my PA is flying out on Tuesday to look after Louis while we are here, Louis won’t accept any one else looking after him, which is acceptable!

We are all looking forward to a great week!

Holidays and Adventures

Las Vegas here we come!

Daryl Self
Things have been busy this week and business is looking great, I am slightly worried about going away for three weeks and things going off the boil….

Got a great three weeks ahead of me, and for Jo and Louis! We are heading off to Las Vegas next week to join in the thousands of English Supporters attending the Joe Galzaghe Fight!

Those of you that are avid readers of my blog, will know that Joe and his boys are friends of mine, so not only will we be there prior to the fight and on the fight but we will also be attending the after show party, which I am sure will have a whole list of A list celebrities attending!

There is quite a few of us going to watch Joe’s fight and we all know that he going to kick Bernard Hopkins Ass!

We have all been watching the pre fight propaganda, getting hyped up ready for the actually fight and cannot wait to get ringside to cheer our boy on!
Check out the following videos for you to see what has been happening so far….

I have also included some video footage of Bernard Hopkins, the man that Joe is going to beat this April 19!

After the fight, Jo,(my lovely wife not Joe Calzalghe!) Louis and I will be spending a day in New York before jetting down to Antigua for some R & R with the Back II Life crew!
This will also be a chance for me and Jo to celebrate our first wedding anniversary in the same place that we got married, along with Louis celebrating his 5th birthday with us before his big party when we get back!

Holidays and Adventures

Going to America

What’s going on in the world right now? I have not known things to be this bad since the early 90’s when everyone started to go skint; it really is a truly horrible feeling.

My companies all have a top presence on the World Wide Web, yet the phone has stopped ringing, it had all started to look good with the trading but it now appears to dying right down.

One of the main reasons that I got into this business was because I expected it to be booming when things were bad, which they certainly are at the moment.

The shop has everything in it, all the right systems in place, good quality products at cheap prices and a great customer through flow, yet we just can’t quite crack the customer actually spending much money!!

Add to that they come into the shop with bulging bags from the surrounding stores, just adding salt to the wound!!

What is going on?? Hopefully this is just a glitch!!

Our auction site is going well, with new people joining daily, but we do need more people adding their own products on to keep the site interesting to new and existing viewers.

At the moment it all seems like doom and gloom, but hopefully it will all get better, if not think I will be going to America, where at least you get a pat on the back for trying!

It amazes me that in this country the harder it gets, the harder the system wants to f*&k you, if it’s not the Tax and the Vat man it’s the pen pushers!
Just in one day I had a visit from the Fair Trading and Health and Safety, fair trading tell me that I have to take products off my shops shelves, and clear instructions on travel adapters so the morons out there don’t fry themselves, and then Health and Safety want me to waste yet more time and money on risk assessments for things that may not exist within our offices and warehouse space, for an example they want us to do a risk assessment on our aertex ceilings because there maybe the slightest possibility that there is an asbestos content and we may have other asbestos within the building, which we know we haven’t, and if we are not sure we have to get a specialist to let us know, spend more money then shall we, what a load of B*&S%$t it just goes on and on!!

Unfortunately you cannot beat the system; it will cost you time and money either way. Once you have been told it would be fatal not to carry it out just in case…

With this business it could all change with one phone call, just one….could be me making a call to the airline for a ticket out of here… but it is just one!

I guess that things aren’t that bad for me, I have just a £25k over draft facility, whereas some people I know have an £8 Million yearly interest payment to make before they make any money, and with the property market going nowhere this cannot be a good thing!

I do however have some fantastic news to share with you all, my darling wife is expecting our second child together, which we are very excited about, Louis is not too sure, but I think he just views it as yet another chance to have more toys!

Maybe I will have a smart one this time and can hopefully have an empire for them to run by the time they are in the 20’s, and they can look after me, well I will most probably only be dribbling in my wheelchair then anyway!!

Oh Well, life goes on, hopefully my next entry will be me telling you about the million + pound deal and how I am having it off!!!