Holidays and Adventures

Going to America

What’s going on in the world right now? I have not known things to be this bad since the early 90’s when everyone started to go skint; it really is a truly horrible feeling.

My companies all have a top presence on the World Wide Web, yet the phone has stopped ringing, it had all started to look good with the trading but it now appears to dying right down.

One of the main reasons that I got into this business was because I expected it to be booming when things were bad, which they certainly are at the moment.

The shop has everything in it, all the right systems in place, good quality products at cheap prices and a great customer through flow, yet we just can’t quite crack the customer actually spending much money!!

Add to that they come into the shop with bulging bags from the surrounding stores, just adding salt to the wound!!

What is going on?? Hopefully this is just a glitch!!

Our auction site is going well, with new people joining daily, but we do need more people adding their own products on to keep the site interesting to new and existing viewers.

At the moment it all seems like doom and gloom, but hopefully it will all get better, if not think I will be going to America, where at least you get a pat on the back for trying!

It amazes me that in this country the harder it gets, the harder the system wants to f*&k you, if it’s not the Tax and the Vat man it’s the pen pushers!
Just in one day I had a visit from the Fair Trading and Health and Safety, fair trading tell me that I have to take products off my shops shelves, and clear instructions on travel adapters so the morons out there don’t fry themselves, and then Health and Safety want me to waste yet more time and money on risk assessments for things that may not exist within our offices and warehouse space, for an example they want us to do a risk assessment on our aertex ceilings because there maybe the slightest possibility that there is an asbestos content and we may have other asbestos within the building, which we know we haven’t, and if we are not sure we have to get a specialist to let us know, spend more money then shall we, what a load of B*&S%$t it just goes on and on!!

Unfortunately you cannot beat the system; it will cost you time and money either way. Once you have been told it would be fatal not to carry it out just in case…

With this business it could all change with one phone call, just one….could be me making a call to the airline for a ticket out of here… but it is just one!

I guess that things aren’t that bad for me, I have just a £25k over draft facility, whereas some people I know have an £8 Million yearly interest payment to make before they make any money, and with the property market going nowhere this cannot be a good thing!

I do however have some fantastic news to share with you all, my darling wife is expecting our second child together, which we are very excited about, Louis is not too sure, but I think he just views it as yet another chance to have more toys!

Maybe I will have a smart one this time and can hopefully have an empire for them to run by the time they are in the 20’s, and they can look after me, well I will most probably only be dribbling in my wheelchair then anyway!!

Oh Well, life goes on, hopefully my next entry will be me telling you about the million + pound deal and how I am having it off!!!