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Online Auctions


I am extremely happy with the launch of our online auctions within our Self Trading website.
For people that don’t understand the World Wide Web this is a phenomenal achievement, to start an auction site from scratch you are looking at spending £1000’s.
Our Self Trading website over the years has gained massive popularity, gaining over 150,000 visitors every month. This gives us the ideal base to launch our online auctions; our aim for the future is to be able to offer not only our products as auction lots, but also others the opportunity to trade online, making our site invaluable.
In the pipeline is also a new payment system, created with Self Trading Auctions in mind, allowing both buyers and sellers security when purchasing from the Self Trading Auctions.
Both ideas are a very exciting development for me personally and for the company, it adds great value to the company portfolio and our fortunes!
Interested, then why not take a look here.