Flash Fast Cars

Flash Fast Cars

It has always been a great advantage in my life that I have been able to afford to own nice cars.
When I was young boy I was in awe of people with nice cars, I used to wonder how they had managed to get such nice things. I believed that everybody in a nice car was a multi millionaire, years ago this may have been the case, but now everyone has the possibility to own a nice car, thanks to finance. I couldn’t ever strap myself up with finance on cars; I have always been a cash buyer. It’s an additional expense that you don’t really want, top of the range prestige cars are for those that can afford them, houses are the only things that should be strapped up in regards to finance as far as I am concerned!
At 17 I purchased my first car, a Humber Septer. At the time I thought that this car was the nuts, clocks on the dashboard, leather seats….looking back it was just a piece of crap, although now a classic car!
So out went the Humber and in came the brand new Ford, don’t ask me why, I kept this car for a couple of years, and as I started to earn my money I continually changed my cars, why not ,I was proud of what I was achieving in my life and wanted to show everybody!
In my early 20’s I bought a company purely for its fleet of cars, in particular a brand new Rolls Royce, I didn’t even look at the companies accounts, I wanted to have the ultimate, give it the big one in a brand new Rolls Royce!
People couldn’t understand what a young black man was doing in a brand new car like that, didn’t believe that it could be achieved, well I showed them!
I went back to my old school, the school for naughty boys, and pulled up and parked my brand new rolls outside the head teachers office, word soon spread that Daryl Self, ex pupil who they had said would amount to nothing, has turned up in a Rolls Royce! This was a great day for me, such a sense of I told you so, they were too eager to write me off, well I showed them!
At one stage in my life I had £1 Million worth of cars sat on my driveway, two Ferraris, Porch Turbo Convertible, Range Rover and BMW; this was a sight for sore eyes for any car enthusiast!
Over the years I have changed my cars on a regular basis, always having the best of the cars available, I have had Ferraris, porches, BMW’s Range rovers, Mustangs, and many more.
I feel that I have now become more modest with the cars that I purchase, I recently sold my Bentley Continental and replaced it with a Mercedes S Class, more of the business mans car….however I do still have the Mercedes SL55, and the H2 Hummer, and talking of becoming modest in my old age, the stretch hummer, of which I have been able to build an up and coming hire company around!
My ultimate car (for the moment) is the Rolls Royce Phantom….watch this space…..