Girlfriends & Children

Children & Family

There has been a part of my life where being black has had its advantage, women!

Whether its curiosity, seeing if the rumours are true or it was my star quality looks and personality that won them over, either way I have never had trouble getting the ladies!

Going out with the lads, I was never happy standing at the bar, pint in hand talking bullshit, I always had that wandering eye! So while my mates were propping up the bar, I was chatting to all the ladies.

Through the years I have had what I would call various main partners, these are the girlfriends that I have had children with. I have a total of five children, all with different mothers. I think that I have strived to have a big family, due to starting my life without one; I have always wanted my own flesh and blood!

I have three sons, my eldest being 22 and the youngest coming up 4.
I have two daughters, one 19 and the other 15.
All my children and very important to me, unfortunately I am unable to see one of my sons due to his mother, but when he is old enough to decide for himself, I will be there.


Louis is my youngest child, and I have been fortunate to be involved in his life 24-7, I feel that I have a stronger bond with Louis because of this, as with my other children I have only ever been a weekend Dad. Despite this they know that I will always be here for them, until they push me off the white cliffs in my wheelchair!


I am still with Louis mother, who is a great, strong woman. We are marrying in Antigua in April this year, on Louis birthday; this day is going to be a great day for all the family!


So unfortunately Ladies I can no longer prove or disprove those rumours about black men…..but window shopping never hurt anyone!