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The Team

The Team –


Knowing this year was going to be extremely busy, I had to find some new fantastic member s to add to my small team I already had, Karl has been with me for over 5 years and works in IT producing my ever growing demand of websites, he has proved to be very reliable over the years apart from his tiring excuses of getting caught in traffic every morning!! We then have Gareth who works alongside Karl in producing websites, and is literally a genius and doesn’t he know it!! If anyone in the office ever needs to know something we always go to Gareth as it’s like referring to a encyclopaedia which comes in great use in our office due to the versatility of what we deal with.

Not as clever as me mind!
Sam Colclough my new Business Development Manager / PA who has been with me now for just over a month I felt from the initial interview she was going to be an outstanding asset to me and the business and assists me 100% to get where I am aiming for.


To date she has never turned down a job task and has always been willing to put more in than what is expected always working late and staying behind whilst Karl clearly turns into a pumpkin at 6pm Sarah gets picked up at 6pm by her chariot and Gareth bless him, he does stay behind!
We welcome Sarah as Marketing assistant to Self Temptation she started a few weeks ago and has come from a fashion designer background and has appreciation of all aspects of the fashion industry and is a hard little worker, she has come in and got her teeth stuck into self temptation making sure we hit the market with a bang writing all press releases and keeping all our social networks up to date for you guys all to read! She has settled in nicely, and will be working on many different projects as well as Self temptation in the future.

Business Opportunities

Update on Self Mart

As promised a recap on the progress of Self Mart, since revamping and working with drop shippers, in a period of less than 12 months we have had a revenue stream of over £100,000 with a minimum mark up of 50%
So it seems a non brainer if we could maximise this and take a revenue potential of £700,000 a year. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts I think we will now start to build sites like these as business opportunities to sell so people have the ability to work from home reducing over heads as no more office costs and good profits to be made.

Self Mart

Holidays and Adventures

Back from Ice Driving in Sweden

Me checking out the ice road

Me checking out the ice road.

I am now back from my week of Ice Driving in Sweden, I had a great time and met some great people on the trip.

However, as you can imagine my attention span for the actual Ice Driving was over after 24hours, well there is only so much of driving around a frozen lake that can be done!

So my travelling buddy Jason and I decided we would go off exploring for the next couple of days.

We spent a day skidooing across the snow and ice, tearing it up on ski bobs through the snow covered forests and iced over lakes and even saw Moose and Bears!

Ski Dooing on the ice roads

Ski Dooing

We then spent the next day on the Ski Slopes of Tadadalen Ski Resort, which again was lovely.

Daryl & Jason Skiing
On the last day we drove back through Sweden down to Oslo to spend the day there before getting our flights home.

It was great to spend time out of the work environment with Jason and catch up with Meyrick along with meeting some new faces which I am sure to catch up with again on another rally at some point this year!

Here are just a few more pics of my little ice adventure!

Checking out the local stunners!
Daryl Self

Enjoying the ski slopes!

Enjoying the ski slopes!

Holidays and Adventures

Ice Driving in Sweden

Counting down the last few days before I had off to minus 20 degrees temperature for an ice driving challenge!

This a new challenge for me, done the super car ralleys in the sunshine in supercars and five star hotels, this however is going to be quite a different experience, slumming it in mediocre accomodation almost taking our own sheets, driving rent a wreck cars ( just in case they are smashed up too bad!).

All sounds like its going to be fun, sharing the experience with my good friends Jason and Meyrick and some other chaps I have yet to meet, but they are all certainly petrol heads, old school, Jeremy Clarkson type folks!

I will either have a great time or it will be a nightmare, and being as there is so much snow I won’t be able to find anywhere to hide!

Here a few pics from last year to wet your appetite, will update you on my experience on my return!

The Ice Road
The Ice Road
Ice Driving Daryl Self
Ice Driving Daryl Self
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New Website Self Mart

I am now looking forward to next year as I plan to move out of my warehouse, and decrease on my team keeping my main players.

When I started working in the New Year, I continued the expansion on my I.T business due to the fact that we were very pleased with Self Mart and in such a short period, due to the revamp and ranking of it I made my mind up then that we didn’t need a massive warehouse to run self mart as it was producing a good flow of sales and the space we had was being wasted. The beauty of this was I was able to keep a much smaller line in storage as most of suppliers and drop shippers could have the products sent directly to my customers.

If the Drop shipping sites continue this way early 2011 I will hopefully be putting it out to the masses as this is a huge business opportunity for myself and the team, other people can then enjoy the simplicity of running websites from home and we can either supply drop shipper or we will do it ourselves.

Me and Simon having a serious chat about business and giving him a few tips!!