Brief History

Brief History

Born in Luton and raised in a foster home in Highcliffe. I attended various schools in my life, eventually being expelled for disruptive behaviour. My behaviour was due to my frustration at not being able to keep up, this was later diagnosed as Dyslexia, not recognised during my school days. On expulsion I was sent to a special boarding school, where I should never have been.
I left school at 16, moved out of my foster home and worked for a great man named Mike Hedger in a timber yard.
At 18 I moved on to the building and roofing trades, at the age of 21 I started my own business and achieved the status of millionaire by the age of 23!
I was able to sustain this life until the recession hit in the 90’s. I was able to continue earning some sort of living for the next five years, until I was able to find my direction again, and work hard to achieving my status of millionaire, a status that I still hold and continue to build on.
As I get older I become more ambitious, my life goal is to appear on the rich list before I die!
Millionaires in this day and age lead a comfortable lifestyle, for the lifestyle I want and like to lead I need £20-40 Million!!!