Business Opportunities

Tax Man Meeting – Part 2 – Did I Have My Tummy Tickled?

After the pressure of the tax man meeting yesterday, where it didn’t go entirely against me, I didn’t roll over and have my tummy tickled and let them rob me! I was able to have the rest of the day to concentrate on my friends that have asked for a loan for a large project that they are involved in. Being sceptical about the whole thing, I have agreed to lend them quite a substantial amount, but not what they originally asked for. I was able to secure satisfactory security for the amount loaned, and all parties are happy. I wish them well for the project.

I have got lots of planning for my marriage in Antigua this April, it’s a commitment that I have never made before, and to be honest I do feel a bit nervy about the whole thing, but I am sure everything will be ok, it’s a commitment that I want to make.
In preparation for the wedding is my stag night, which I am having in Puerto Banus with an ever increasing crowd of mates! Everybody wants to come, 25 possibly 30, I never knew I was so popular! Unfortunately there are some of my closest mates that haven’t been allowed to come, various reasons apparently but namely wives and girlfriends won’t let them, for some reason they have the notion that we are going to be getting up to all sorts out there, why would they think that?! Whatever, I know that it’s going to be great!

The new salesman on board is starting to knock the numbers out, so I am pleased about that. I am sure that we are looking at some good results this year for the trading side of the business. There is massive scope and potential and my goal for this year is to make £1 Million in pure profit this year!

I have expanded the fleet of vehicles for the Chauffeur business, I am still not sure if this is going to be profitable, but hey its all fun, the use of a 200” stretch Hummer and the other luxury cars within our fleet! Hopefully buying the ultimate in vehicles the Royles Royce Phantom, if things go well……what the hell it’s a lovely car and you just have to have one!!

Business Opportunities

Tax Man Meeting

It was a big day today, what with the visit from the tax man, a man from India showing his wares, lending friends large amounts of money and buying another stretch hummer limousine!

The meeting with the tax man went well; both parties were able to put their points across. I did accuse them of not treating me fairly due to the element of racial discrimination. However, we were able to come to an amicable conclusion to the matter; I hope that this is now the end of the investigation!
The meeting gave us the chance to welcome our new accountant into the Self World….how long he lasts is another story!