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Back from Ice Driving in Sweden

Me checking out the ice road

Me checking out the ice road.

I am now back from my week of Ice Driving in Sweden, I had a great time and met some great people on the trip.

However, as you can imagine my attention span for the actual Ice Driving was over after 24hours, well there is only so much of driving around a frozen lake that can be done!

So my travelling buddy Jason and I decided we would go off exploring for the next couple of days.

We spent a day skidooing across the snow and ice, tearing it up on ski bobs through the snow covered forests and iced over lakes and even saw Moose and Bears!

Ski Dooing on the ice roads

Ski Dooing

We then spent the next day on the Ski Slopes of Tadadalen Ski Resort, which again was lovely.

Daryl & Jason Skiing
On the last day we drove back through Sweden down to Oslo to spend the day there before getting our flights home.

It was great to spend time out of the work environment with Jason and catch up with Meyrick along with meeting some new faces which I am sure to catch up with again on another rally at some point this year!

Here are just a few more pics of my little ice adventure!

Checking out the local stunners!
Daryl Self

Enjoying the ski slopes!

Enjoying the ski slopes!